Assembly motion

On Monday, August 24 at 2pm, colleagues from across the country will be meeting in the National University Staff Assembly to vote on a motion of opposition to the government’s disastrous higher education funding reforms. Register to take part in the Assembly here. There are more details on the Assembly and the speakers at it here.

The following motion, which now includes amendments made by participants, will be put, debated and voted on at the National University Staff Assembly on August 24:

“This assembly of academic, professional, ongoing, precarious, employed and currently out-of-work university staff:

1.  Asserts that higher education is a vital public good and should not be treated as a competitive market.

2.   Demands the Federal Government uphold higher education’s value by redirecting funds from unnecessary military and other expenditure towards:

·     Guaranteeing jobs, wages and conditions for all staff;

·     Radically reducing in the immediate term Australian universities’ rates of casualisation through conversion of precarious staff to ongoing employment, in order to achieve a fully funded higher education system free of precarious and exploitative work conditions;

·     Providing accessible education for all by financially supporting students rather than burdening them with debt;

· Immediately extending JobKeeper and JobSeeker to all staff and international students.

3.   Opposes cuts to university funding proposed by the Minister for Education, Dan Tehan.

4.   Endorses:

·    the National Union of Students (NUS) rally against fee hikes this Friday August 28th;

·    the School Strike for Climate day of action on September 25th

and calls for the widest possible participation of university staff in both demonstrations.

5. Commits to:

·     building a diverse national network of university workers across state, institutional, and employment divisions that aims to strengthen every campaign and resist austerity in the sector;

·     mounting a vigorous campaign of coordinated actions with the goal of making democratically planned unprotected industrial action possible so as to defend universities from funding cuts and protect all university jobs;

·     building a major demonstration involving NTEU, NUS, and secondary school student groups before the government’s Budget in October

and calls on the NTEU and other unions to support these rank-and-file actions in order to help mobilise branches for them.”

Anyone registered to attend the assembly was able to submit an amendment to the motion. Amendments were considered at the open NHEAN organising meeting on Friday, August 21. You can read the original version of the motion here.

Register to take part in the assembly here.